Virtual DOM into the future.

Million is a drop-in replacement for React with a lightweight <1kb Virtual DOM.

Why Million?

Million is designed to be modern and easy to use while being lean and insanely performant.


Million ships <1kb brotli bundles after tree shaking and minification. Get fast bundle load times!


Million uses the latest performance optimizations for the compiler to supercharge runtime rendering.


Million supports full-class support for compiler optimizations, allowing you to ergonomically create your own compiler over Million.

Sensible API

Million's API is simple to use with batteries-included. Best practices by default!

Library Agnostic

Million doesn't make decisions on library design, meaning you can leverage Million's generalized API to build your own opinionated abstractions.

Decoupled + Composable

Million is extensible in features, so you can build up complexity and features with ease (like LEGO!).