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Start Here

Million is a lightweight (<1kb) Virtual DOM. It's really fast and makes it easy to create user interfaces.

Oh man... Another /virtual dom|javascript/gim library? I'm fine with React already, why should I bother switching?

Million makes creating user interfaces as easy as React, but with faster performance and smaller bundle size for the end user. By computing the user interface beforehand with a compiler, Million reduces the overhead of traditional Virtual DOM.

Okay cool... but why should I use Million if I can just use Preact if I need something a bit more lightweight?

While alternative libraries like Preact reduce bundle sizes by efficient code design, Million takes it a step further by leveraging compilation to make a quantum leap in improving bundle size and render speed.

Think of it as if React's API and Svelte's compiler had a baby. A baby with super speed! 👶

Our First Application

Open this StackBlitz or clone this repo to get started.

Open in StackBlitz

Navigate to src/App.jsx and you should see this:

Open the StackBlitz preview (should be at, if you see content and you're able to interact with it, you're ready to rumble!

Within the src/App.jsx file, you can write any React code with some limitations. If you are unfamiliar with React, you can learn more about it here.

Million does not depend on React, but it does use aliases so that any import from react is automatically aliased to million. This means that you can use any React library with Million without any changes, and you can use Million as a drop in replacement for React Vite projects.

Happy Coding!